South Shore Records, Inc.

"Swag is the hustle, South Shore's
the movement."

Since The Hurricane

Dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. South Shore Long Island, home of Lexx Long Island and Swurve, was heavily damaged by this super storm so the hometown rappers were inspired to write a song about the devastation. Both Swurve and Lexx spent countless hours helping people in need and will be performing for free at several fundraisers for Sandy victims. WE WILL REBUILD!!!! SHOUT OUT TO SOUTH SHORE'S OWN RAP AL DENTE FOR PRODUCING THE BEAT AND KENNY TRUHN FOR JOINING US ON THE HOOK!!

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How We Do

This is the first Video and single from the long awaited mixtape "Right By The Beach (R.B.T.B)". A special thanks goes out to all of the beautiful people who came to support!

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A.D.I.D.A.S. (All Day I Dream About Success)

Swurve's first released solo record off the South Shore Records mixtape titled "R.B.T.B. (Right By The Beach)". This video depicts Swurve as a young man dreaming about becoming a successful businessman and famous rapper.

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